Training path

Every year, new courses include ARDATEM via the ANTA facility.

The ANTA offers 10 to 12 different syllabuses (from a vocational baccalaureate level to an engineering level) combining theory with practice using educational tools and on-the-job training.

anta ardatem

The centre provides specific technical training for the nuclear sector by meeting the expectations of operators, which are reported by the QRSSE Department/Central Training. Even though this is not its primary purpose, the ANTA also operates externally, to train EDF’s young recruits on certain cutting edge technical subjects in the field of nuclear power plant automation. In this respect, the ANTA operates as a partner training provider on behalf of EDF.

This training is designed for :

/ Contract Managers
/ Monitoring Managers
/ Testing Managers
/ Project Managers
/ Technicians and Process Planners
/ Accredited and nuclear-trained electrical engineers, automation specialists, instrumentation technicians and pipe fitters
/ Research and project management engineers


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